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Do You Know What’s In Your Wine?

Many people love wine. For those who enjoy this beverage, it may be deemed as one of life's great pleasures. Archaeological evidence suggests that the earliest known production of wine, made by fermenting grapes, took place possibly as early as 6,000 BC.

Most of us have heard that red wine contains a chemical called resveratrol which has cardioprotective benefits. We also know that drinking too much can cause cirrhosis of the liver and alcoholism. You can get more information regarding online wine courses at

However, the topic of this article is not about how alcohol affects your health. It is about what you may not know that exists inside your bottle of wine.

No matter whether you are drinking a $200 bottle of French wine or merely a Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's, has it ever occurred to you that you may be ingesting pesticides, heavy metals, and a whole sleuth of additives? If you are already trying to stay healthy by buying grass-fed meats and organic fruits and vegetables, why would you not worry about what you drink on a regular basis, or several times a week?

In the following, we will look at some shocking information about what may be present in your wine and how to pick a wine that does not contain these unsavoury ingredients.