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Feature of Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a specialized software package that monitors and manages necessary inventory at all phases of the production process.

Inventory management software is a key component in automating the production process. Helping the system processes faster with minimal human intervention.

Companies can rely on inventory management software to increase productivity and make better use of resources. You can also explore more on the features of manufacturing inventory management software.

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Inventory control is a basic function of production inventory management software. Every item in stock is tracked during the production process. Stocks are regularly compared to stock transfer rates to automatically generate orders and request quotations for new orders.

This software also performs other tasks, e.g. assign serial numbers, assign work orders, and create reports. The person managing the software receives a detailed history of the product creation process. The extended software version can calculate labor costs and indirect production costs.

Production staff can enter their hourly status, which is used to compile employee chronology and job summaries.

Inventory management software has additional features such as tracking customer orders, generating customer reports, and tracking product order history from individual customers.

The software is feature-rich and can perform multiple tasks such as you can print labels in storage containers, search databases, and print reports as well. It can also import and export production-related data in various file formats. In addition, the software supports multi-user environments.