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Five Quirky Cult Films To Watch On Date Night

Cult films aren't usually the first place you go when choosing a movie for the evening. You have a lot of coverage in a good romantic comedy, or you can really add a class with a great foreign film. But are you in danger of extinction one night with a cult film? This is just a recipe for disaster.

Here are five weird cult films that should be on your watch list tonight. You can check this link right here now for more movies suggestions.

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Lost Boys – This film is filled with wild 80s actors and a story based on family issues, comics, and young vampire gangs. He's on a wild ride. It's a pretty solid film actually, and who doesn't love seeing Diane West as a cute mom?

Rocky Horror Picture Show – More than four decades later, people still flock to theaters in full costume to see and sing every frame of this film. Think of this as the very slanted creation story you remember from Sunday School. Very crooked. You need to see this at least once.

You Live – Put some mysterious nuance and instead of enjoying your coolness you have the opportunity to see the world as it is. As much as the world is today about the role of the media and how the media inform the masses, this film is more relevant than ever.

Night of the Living Dead – Yes, this is a horror film, but the undead are not real monsters. A cheeky look at the dark side of society and one of the truly terrifying films of the 20th century. Released in the late 60's, one wonders how much has not changed.

Tucker and Dale Against Evil – Two cute miners who just want to live in their vacation home upstairs have been mistaken for a sociopathic murder by some college kids who are too quick to judge a book by its cover.