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How to manage workplace fatigue risks during the covid19 pandemic?

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Several companies have temporarily ceased their operations due to the Covid19 pandemic, but many companies considered essential service providers to continue to operate. For the organizations that choose to work, workplace safety and health are both necessary and relevant. Additionally, many critical business providers have transitioned from typical working hours. Thus it is essential to know there is a connection between safety and worker fatigue. Lack of alertness, distraction, and drowsiness associated with fatigue tend to severely impact both workers and organizations, leading to injuries and fatalities.

Besides advanced fatigue management course online employers can do other things to reduce risks associated with fatigue during Covid19:

  • Short and regular breaks- Regular short intervals during a work shift allows for quick mental and physical recovery. Short breaks of 10-15 minutes are way better than a long break in between the shifts. A short break helps an employee to feel rejuvenated.
  • Planned days off- Companies should plan for regular days off in a week. Workers should be notified in advance so they can rejuvenate during their time off. Especially in the healthcare industry, some workers may be working extended shifts with minimum days out.
  • Consistent work schedules- Planned work schedules allow workers to plan their rest time in a better way.

Though covid19 will come to an end someday, risks related to fatigue incidents will remain. It is best to have a fatigue reporting system to monitor and control risks even when life gets back to normal.