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How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

This article will explain how to practice mindfulness meditation. Although this method may seem basic, contained in everything you need to know how to begin to train attention now. mindfulness meditation is the simplest purest form of meditation there.

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Mindfulness is usually understood non-judgmental moment by moment awareness of one's mind, body, and other phenomena. 

Simple mindfulness meditation is very easy to get started.

1. Position of mindfulness meditation

Search-by position where you feel comfortable, can breathe properly, but it is impossible to fall asleep. Recommended position is to sit in full lotus on the floor with your back straight, but this is by no means necessary.

2. Mindfulness breathing meditation

It does not really matter how you breathe in mindfulness meditation. Actually it is much more important that you breathe in a way that is natural and relaxed than if you try to force the breath to be the other way and create the sensation of resistance.

3. Focus mindfulness meditation

Calmly bring your awareness of your breath. Choose your location will focus upon light – may or may navel nose edge, whatever it was fine but stick with it throughout your session.

4. Be aware

Realizing thoughts go through your mind, but do not judge them. Only those experiences for what they are, and then return your focus to your breath. Do not engage in any mind; just let them pass unjudged without attachments.

5. Back to the breath

If you should find that you have become distracted by thoughts, perhaps you have become involved in the train of thought and have forgotten about the breath, this is not a problem. With calm your focus to your breath.