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Importance of Combine Glass

Combing the oven-formed glass is an exceptional procedure. The glass is controlled by heating it to softening temperature and then taking advantage of the long stainless steel instruments to scrape off the substance. This movement and the tones of the spots are mixed in an exclusive figure.

You will need several supplies of artistic glass to complete this process. You can purchase fusion supplies at

Set the glass and the necessary elements for the procedure. Make sure all glass has an equivalent COE (coefficient of expansion). The glass must be clean and dry before starting. Stacks of a glass of several layers of the thickness or place them horizontally and glued with adhesive tape.

CBS Dichroic Crinklized Rainbow 2 Fusion Thin Black Glass CO96

Follow all safety procedures, such as wearing safety clothing. Wear cotton clothes for this adventure. The artificial fabric will cause sharp burns if it melts. Green shield welder goggles should be worn to protect the eyes from the infrared rays of the oven. It should be used every time you open the oven.

A pot of tap water should be near the scorching rake behind the raked glass. Make sure the pot is large enough to contain and withstand the sweep if necessary.

Accumulate or support the needs of the container to be coated with up to nine or more layers of oven wash. This primer breaks down at high temperatures, so the place adds a layer.

When the glass is heated to approximately 1250 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing the pieces to soak at that estimated temperature for approximately 20 minutes before proceeding to further heat. Once the glass has reached the melting point, turn off the oven.