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Family Tents – Looking For A Good One

So your family decided you wanted to try camping. How do you find the right family tent? Well, with a little research and narrowing down on what you need, finding the right one shouldn't be a problem.

Everything – from "condo-style" surplus tents with large awnings and a small tent in the center, to tents that can seat up to ten people. Regardless of the size of your family, you can find the right size for you.

Buy Surplus Tents

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Easy-to-customize designs are now available. The ordinary, unbroken but folded elastic band makes it easy to install the tent.

In the past, posts were color-coded so you spent hours trying to put the right bar in the right pocket. Now they are much easier and take less than fifteen minutes to start.

Condo-style tents are a little more tricky as you have to place a pole on top of the three tents and then follow the explicit instructions to install them properly. This tent has walk-through windows in the two smaller tents so the three can be linked together.

Usually, the two smaller tents have space for 2 adults and the larger tent for up to 6 people. This tent can be divided into three separate tents.

The size of the tent has also changed a lot. Some tents can accommodate up to ten or twelve people in one tent. Stylish options are great too. Now there is something for every style in the world of tents.