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AutoCAD – The One Stop Solution For Designing Architectural Design In 2D And 3D Formats

Architectural CAD production is the process of developing the design of commercial, residential, and institutional buildings using CAD software. With the help of the AutoCAD Architecture application, you can easily and quickly develop designs, ensure safe document administration, and lessen costs. Engineers draft architectural designs at a scale so that comparative dimensions can be characterized precisely.

In Architectural Computer Assisted Design that is used by several companies such as BM Outsourcing, a scale is chosen so that the entire building fits the selected sheet size and also has the required level of detail. There are several types of architectural drawings, including presentation drawings, work drawings, recorded drawings, and study drawings.

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The computer-aided architectural design offers several advantages including:

  • Complex items can be replicated, copied, and saved for reuse, the chances of repeating it are reduced
  • Mistakes can be erased
  • Architectural CAD allows multiple permutations to be tested before the design is finalized

Models drawn with Auto-CAD can be observed from any side to obtain the most helpful viewpoints. You are also able to make use of different software to apply colors and textures to surfaces. Using a variety of software, Auto CAD technicians can also draw shadows and reflections on any wall.

CAD architecture service includes:

  • Architectural 3D modeling
  • 3D architectural representation
  • Architectural animation
  • Architectural design
  • Architectural design
  • Architectural drawing
  • Construction documentation

Today, most plans for buildings, parks, and similar architectural monuments are created using Architectural Computer-aided Design. Most civil engineers use software and prefer to use Auto-CAD to design each plan.