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The Ultimate Guide to Pool Enclosures

They are exactly what the name suggests. They are more than just fences. These are the structures that actually cover the pool, usually in large sheets of glass or polycarbonate.

The panels are connected to each other by metal supports, which are usually made of high quality aluminum alloy. Some high-end automated pool enclosures use wood as a frame.

The end result is something like an atrium that provides plenty of sunlight as opposed to a pool roof, pergola or other barrier that you can place over the pool.

Advantages of pool fencing

Do you really need to cover the pool and not just fence it off? Probably not. However, pool fencing offers many benefits that you cannot get with a fence.

If you live in one of the places that requires a residential pool to be fenced in, a fenced pool may exceed these requirements. Be sure to contact your local coding agency or other government office before starting any construction.

You may want to install a pool fence to keep your children and other children in the neighborhood safe. But you know what? The children were hard working and many of them were not stopped by the fence which they saw as a challenge to climb.

Add a pool alarm – just in case – and keep children and pets out of the pool area without your