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Swim With Dolphins on Your Florida Vacation

A dolphin is a species with very high skills. Some people think that they are even more intelligent than humans! But let us leave the debate for scientists. One thing for sure is that dolphins enjoy contact with humans and humans like contact with dolphins. While you are in Florida you can either swim or wade with dolphins by taking a special holiday tour to the Florida Keys.

If you are staying in Florida you can schedule a two-day tour that departs from Florida. If you are a good swimmer and comfortable in the water that is above your head then you might want to try the dolphin tour organized in Jacksonville.

They did a two-day tour where your contact with dolphins is guaranteed. To get more information search for dolphin tour in Jacksonville via

Here's how it works. It is a two day and one night trip and transport to and from the keys included in the tour. Pick up is scheduled at some great hotels and motels in the greater Florida area.

You swim with the dolphins that will take place either on the first-afternoon tour or the next morning. Dolphins swim takes place in a saltwater lagoon that is 15 feet deep. A flotation vest must be worn during swimming, no matter how good a swimmer you are.

The program lasts about two hours and begins with an education briefing about the general nature of the dolphins as well as information about the particular dolphins who you will meet.