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Color Determines The Tone Of Your Flowers Arrangements

Color influential in every aspect of our lives. This deliver warm or cool feeling and can draw you in or divert attention. It can create feelings of joy, sadness, love or tranquility. In flower arranging knowing how to blend colors together can make or break your design so careful thought should go into your choice of colors before you start.

Flowers come in an incredible number of colors and shades due to continual crossbreeding. There are more than one hundred types of roses now of every color imaginable and counting. You can get to know about excellent basic floristry tool kit via online search.

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If you are new to regulate or are still struggling with how to put colors together, there is help in the form of so-called color wheel. It is composed of primary colors, secondary colors and intermediate colors. The first thing you need to understand, is that the primary colors only three colors, red, blue and yellow. All colors are made from combining these colors but you can not make a red, blue or yellow by combining any color.

Red is the color that is very hot, passionate and strong. It creates drama in the setting. Red can make you think of Christmas or Valentine. Yellow is a happy color and evokes a feeling of anticipation as you experience when spring has arrived and the sun is shining and things are coming back to life. 

Blue is a cool color and create a soft feeling like you might run into when looking at the sky in the summer.

Combining primary colors together creates a secondary color. Red and yellow make-orange, red and blue make purple and yellow green and blue makeup.You can take these color combinations and put them together in a lighter or darker color of them depending on what mood you're trying to make. Also, you do not need to stick to just these color combinations.