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Take Charge Of Your Neuropathy Treatments

If you have diabetes, you may have heard your doctor talk about diabetic neuropathy. This condition is often characterized by tingling in the legs.

Studies show that diabetic neuropathy, also known as peripheral neuropathy, is one of the most commonly observed side effects of diabetes. It usually affects the feet first, as well as the hands, since peripheral nerve damage has been observed in these limbs. You can also get the best neuropathy treatments via chiropractors in Madison WI.

Creating A Plan For Treating Foot Neuropathy

You will need to work with your doctor or nurse to develop a foot neuropathy treatment that can maintain or even improve your quality of life.

This means a significant reduction in other nerve damage, as well as tingling in the legs that usually occurs with the onset of peripheral neuropathy. Pain relief is another important factor when evaluating a treatment plan for foot neuropathy.

Although your doctor may want to give you a medication that can provide significant pain relief, you may find that treating neuropathy requires several additional measures to ensure optimal quality of life.

Neuropathy creams are most likely recommended as a weapon in treating the neuropathy of your feet. This type of topical cream relieves pain by targeting the affected area.

In fact, there are many people suffering from the effects of diabetes who have found that neuropathy creams infused with capsaicin reduce the painful effects of nerve damage from their peripheral neuropathy.

When you massage with the neuropathy cream directly onto your feet, you will first feel a soothing and gentle warmth as the effects of capsaicin spread all over your numb feet. You will immediately feel relief from the numbness in your feet as the capsaicin and massage dig deep into your tissues.