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Which Biscuits Are Healthy For You?

Some biscuits are unhealthy and can increase fat storage. But then there are biscuits called healthy cookies, like milk biscuits, whole-wheat biscuits, high fiber biscuits, etc. 

You can look at the best milk-based biscuits at for your family. All biscuits have many similar ingredients. Most biscuits have the lowest number of calories at 441 calories per 100 grams with a higher amount of fiber. 

Milky biscuits contain the same amount of protein per 1 cup of milk and some amount of calories as 1 cup of low-fat milk contains about 60-80 calories. It determines your protein source diet in a day.

Choosing the healthiest milk biscuits to have the lowest calorie count, also enhanced by calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B, and vitamin E. Here are my variations of milk used to bake healthy biscuits.

Basic ingredients used to make milk biscuits are all-purpose flour, baking powder. baking soda. Calorie-free sugar. salt. cold unsalted butter, cold buttermilk, or normal milk.

Many people use buttermilk or coconut milk powder which stays fresh for a long time. Some use dairy products. Almond flour or other milk healthy substitutes can be used for garnishing the biscuits.

Milk products are always been a healthy substitute in a routine diet for all family members. Milk biscuits are the best way to get nutrition and protein for your body.