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Create Your Own Business Cards With A Business Card Cutter

Business cards are a great way to introduce your name, be it outbound sales or trade shows. They have even been known to win a free lunch or two in a restaurant business card raffle. Many of these business cards have sleek designs, bright colors, and neat finishes. You will be surprised to find that many of these professional business cards are made in-house.

The quality of the internal card depends entirely on the printer used to print the card. You can also look for the best heavy-duty business card cutter with 40 sheets,250gsm paper feed tray for your business.

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There are many map software programs available to aid in the preparation and disclosure of professional designs. Ink and laser printers can be used for printing. The printing speed depends entirely on the printer model you are using.

This cutter then takes the printed card sheet and cuts it to size. Most of these blades are compact and usually no bigger than an inkjet printer. The business card cutter is available in manual and electric versions.

The manual card slot, sometimes referred to as a manual knee cutter, is very easy to use and great for low to medium volume applications. An example of a good hand saw is the Card mate. The handle is turned, the paper is pulled into the machine and the card is cut.

Individual business cards are ready to use after two passes. Electric card cutters are more common and work much faster. These machines are typically available in sizes 10, 12 and 4.