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5 Reasons to Use Power Bi

Power Bi is one such business intelligence service that is now widely being used by companies all over the world. People after understanding the concept of Power Bi are involved in utilizing its features to benefit their organization. If you are still unaware about Power Bi and what it is all about, you must take Power Bi consulting at

Here are top 5 reasons why you should use Power Bi:

– Quick and Easy Response: Power Bi has an uncomplicated setup. Once you start setting up, it automatically delivers all the insights and information.

– Streamlines Presentation: You do not need to upload data and them send people by emailing. You can easily just upload the data in Power Bi server and it gets updated at everyone’s end.

– Real-Time Information: All the data and information available on Power Bi updates automatically and shows real time insights.

– Artificial Intelligence: Power BI users can get picture acknowledgment and content investigation, make AI models, and incorporate with Azure Machine Learning.

– Cortana integration: Power Bi has Cortana integration which means it gives users the access to ask questions and get desired results.

These features are absolutely the true reason for a person to use this service and enjoy these benefits. Power Bi is a pay-as-you-go service, so get your subscription today and add variation in your working style.