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Talcum Powder And Cancer

Talcum powder might be liable for as many as 10,000 cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed annually. Widely available and promoted to both adults and infants, talcum powder is traditionally used to absorb moisture in the entire body, but studies have demonstrated it might be dangerous.

Repeated use of talcum powder goods for female hygiene has been linked to prostate cancer. Many patients take the help of lawyers to get talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit news.

Should you or a loved one was diagnosed with ovarian cancer following using talcum powder goods, particularly those made by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J), there are many lawyers that can talk about how it is possible to submit a claim for reparation.

Product liability attorneys mean business and vigorously combat the resistance at every turn. You deserve nothing less than a surefire legal winner on your corner. Ovarian cancer isn't the only aggressive kind of cancer that's been connected to Johnson & Johnson talcum powder solutions.

In the event that you or a relative could have an accident, sickness, or esophageal disorder you think is connected to talcum powder or another serious medication, please contact lawyers to program a free case evaluation with one of our seasoned Virginia product liability lawyers.