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How Thumb Sucking Habit Affects A Child?

All babies have a natural urge to suck their thumbs. A general guideline is that when the child's permanent teeth start coming in, it is the right time to start breaking the habit. 

Usually between the ages of 4 and 2 is when children begin to kick the habit. Parents can use different types of the appliance to break this habit. To know about the finger sucking appliance, you can browse the internet. 

What Thumb Sucking Does?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA) the factors that determine the outcome of thumb sucking are based on how old the child is, what is the children’s age who suck, what they suck-a pacifier or a finger, how hard they suck, and also for how long. 

When children suck their thumbs excessively, the upper teeth begin to stand out along with the lower teeth. This damages the teeth and can affect the alignment of teeth also. The shape of mouth also get affected by this habit of thumb sucking. Exactly in the same period, the ceiling or the "roof" of the mouth got a reasonable arching pressure generated while sucking.

So, as a conclusion, thumb or finger sucking can be dangerous if it continued for a long time. Visit your orthodontist for the recommendation of the right thumb sucking device.