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Types Of Earthmoving Equipment

You cannot imagine the fate of some industries without modern equipment. And the construction industry is one of them.

No one can think about the growth this industry has witnessed in the past few years if heavy-duty and earthmoving equipment were not there. To know more about earthmoving equipment visit

Usually, in the market, you will find a few kinds of earthmoving equipment.

If you are in the need of earthmoving equipment for your construction project, you should have a clear idea about these kinds of earthmoving equipment. Below-mentioned is a brief overview of this equipment:


They are the most commonly used equipment in the construction industry. Excavators are used to shoveling dirt or heavy pieces of machinery and have an articulated arm (stick, boom) bucket and a cab mounted on a pivot that is usually a rotating platform.

Backhoe loaders

Backhoe loaders are mounted on tires. Usually, they are used in the suburban area and share many similarities with tractors. Backhoe loaders are employed to shift dirt, shovel, trenches and sometimes in positioning pipes into place.


They are considered the most heavy-duty machines in the market. Bulldozers are the best choice for changing large amounts of dirt in sites where there is a wide-open space. Bulldozers have a huge blade at the face of the equipment, which the operator controls with the application of hydraulic devices.

Skid steer loaders:

Among all heavy earthmoving machinery, skid steer loaders can be used for a wider spectrum of purposes than the rest heavy earthmoving machinery. As skid steer loaders run on wheels and have a small turning range, they can be ideal for smaller sites.