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What Is A Sommelier And What Do They Do?

The word sommelier comes from the average French term, saumalier, which refers to the person who is responsible for food supply and warehouse maintenance in the royal household. The original word actually refers to a guide for gluten animals. A modern sommelier is a person who focuses on buying, storing and serving wine and drinks in restaurants.

There is a formal training system for professional sommelier for only about sixty years. The International Court of Sommelier Masters was established in England shortly after World War II. 

The British always take food and wine very seriously, even if their home country has not produced good wine or excellent cuisine (not to be assessed), and the wine trade is always through England. Because of their achievements during the European War and the occupation of colonial posts over the centuries, Britain has been involved in the development of many of the largest modern wine regions in the world.

For many years, the International Court only used English. If you are not English, you cannot even take the test. It developed into a three-level grading system with a three-part exam to pass each step. A modern sommelier should not only be experts in wine, but also in beer, liquor, heart drinks and alcoholic drinks, formal table service, and even cigar service.

The first stage is the certification exam. After an applicant spends time in the wine profession, be it in restaurants and hotels or in the wine trade, he can take this test. Short refresher courses and blind tasting exercises will be offered, after which candidates will take an immediate test with short answers to questions about all and all aspects of wine. If you pass, you can take the second level test.